Why do we love Cire Trudon candles?


Why do we love Cire Trudon candles?

Why We Love Cire Trudon...

Founded in 1643, on the threshold of the reign of Louis XIV, Cire Trudon is the oldest continuously operating candlemaker in the world!

Claude Trudon was a grocer and candlemaker with a shop located on rue Saint-Honoré in Paris. His bee's wax candles were used to light both churches and homes. His reputation for creating perfectly white and luxurious candles increasingly gained attention. During the reign of Louis XV, the long burning Trudon candles were used to illuminate the kingdom's largest parishes.

During the reign of Louis XVI the candles were used throughout Versailles (including Marie Antoinette's bedroom) right up to the beginning of the French Revolution.

When I lived in Paris, I loved to visit the Trudon store on the Left Bank. The candles and scents were amazing and even as a 20-something year old flight attendant, I would occasionally splurge and buy one.

Rick and I still love to visit the two Cire Trudon stores whenever we are in Paris! Although no longer bee's wax, Cire Trudon is still the candle provider of many churches, like Saint-Roch church in Paris, which has burned their candles since 1643! The multi-layered fragrances are incredibly appealing and are unmatched by any other candlemakers.

Come by Adore, or shop below and see for yourself why our customers are so in love with these candles!

- Deborah and Rick Kollmeyer

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