Italian High Fashion in Mystic CT!


Italian High Fashion in Mystic CT!

Deb at the Pasotti Factory in Castelluccio, ItalySeen in movies as well as with royalty including Prince Harry, Pasotti has created the highest quality men's and women's Italian luxury umbrellas used by celebrities, Wall Street execs and fashionistas around the world. These are the finest, handcrafted umbrellas that are meant to last a lifetime.

We stock a wide selection of Pasotti umbrellas, but in very limited quantities of each design, so don't hesitate if you see one that you like!

As you are browsing through the umbrellas, aside from the style and handle, there are other differences to note:

  • Opening mechanisms: Manual vs. automatic. The manual opening umbrellas generally come with the Pasotti ring whereas the automatic have a strap to keep the umbrella closed.
  • Single vs double cloth layer: The double cloth umbrellas have a second decorative cloth layer that hides the umbrella spines when open.
  • Men's vs Women's: The general difference is the size. The men's umbrellas are a few inches wider in diameter than the women's. The motifs tend to be more masculine, although this is not a hard rule.
  • Folding vs Full Size: Most of the umbrellas that we stock are full size. However, we do carry a few folding umbrellas that are smaller in length when closed.

How do I decide? Above all else, chose an umbrella that you find beautiful and that suits you stylistically!

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