An Exciting New Adventure!


An Exciting New Adventure!

Rick and Deb in Tibet

Since our relatively recent arrival to the area, I thought it might make sense to start by introducing ourselves. This may lend a bit more light on why we are so passionate about our store, the craftsmen we will represent and their products.

Our Passion for Travel and for Mystic, CT

Rick and I have had a lifetime love of travel and adventure.

Turkish coffee pots in Istanbul

We’ve been fortunate to have met so many fascinating people and visited so many amazing places from Nepal to Iceland to the Galapagos Islands to Mt. Everest Base Camp in Tibet. We always avoid packaged tours and usually travel using our own plans and schedule. For us, the planning is part of the fun, but occasionally it provides unique challenges that we need to get ourselves out of!

During our travels, the concept for our store has been an ongoing discussion. Browsing through markets and galleries we would often pick out items and say “Oh, this would be great in our store!” Other business endeavors, however, have always taken priority. But, like most great things in life, it is important to know when an opportunity presents itself.

An Undiscovered Jewel?

We have been living in Stonington full-time since early 2016, having moved from our brownstone in Boston last winter. And although we loved living in the city, we couldn’t be happier living here!

 We even survived the Boston Zombie Apocalypse of 2015!

Yeah, I know…curious locals often ask why we moved against the tide of those going the other way! With Rick having built three tech businesses in Massachusetts over the last 30 years and Deborah a wholesale and then a successful interior design business, it was time for a change.

Basic investment principles say to invest when things are value-priced and on the upswing rather than buying at the peak. To us, that is what this area has to offer! Aside from the beautiful coastline and proximity to Boston and NYC, it is filled with diverse and fascinating people and is still, in some ways, still a secret needing to be discovered by our neighboring States.

Needless to say, the current merchants and commercial property owners of Mystic have weathered some difficult times. But, their Yankee tenacity and willingness to encourage new business ideas appears to be paying off for downtown Mystic.

The Birth of Adore

Relaxing in Thailand

Since Rick's last business was acquired in 2015, we decided to “relax” for a bit. We knew the word “retire” was in neither of our vocabularies, so instead, we started to invest in commercial real estate. Our first purchase was a property in downtown Mystic. When the first floor tenant gave their notice, we high-fived each other, since we had assumed it would be another year or two for the space to become available. And so, the next journey begins!

Adore is an eclectic mix of higher-end home products, jewelry from regional artisans and interesting items from Europe and around the world. We believe that locals and tourists alike will enjoy the experience of wandering through the store and listening to the stories that the products tell. We also plan on playing an active role in the community.

Until Next Time!

- Deb and Rick

Climbing a ‘shroom in Wadi Rum, Jordan